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Affirmative Action Plans

All of our Affirmative Action Plans are totally responsive to the implementing regulations for Executive Order 11246, as amended, The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974. It is our policy to review company employment structures, identify the establishment we believe require affirmative action plans and present this information to the client. We then prepare AAPs for all the facilities or for those facilities the client elects to have programs completed.

All AAPs prepared by RPLMRI include Executive Order 11246, Veterans and AAP for the Disabled.

Our AAPs include all required analyses, specifically:

  • Workforce Analysis

  • Job Group Analysis

  • Availability Analysis

  • Utilization Analysis

  • Goals Report
Additional Analyses include:
  • Compensation Analysis

  • JAAR (Job Area Acceptance Range)
    A study of female/minority distribution in the workforce

  • Adverse Impact Analyses of Applicants vs. Hires, Promotions, and Terminations

  • Prior Year Goals Analyses

  • Recruitment Sources Utilization

  • Compliance with Sex Discrimination Guidelines Analysis

  • Compliance with Religion & National Origin Analysis
Special Features Include:
  • EEO Policy Statement

  • Anti-Harassment Policy

  • Identification of Specific responsibilities of Company EEO, First Line Managers and employees to ensure affirmative action plan is carried out effectively

AAP Implementation training for managers and supervisors:
  • One hour of manager/supervisor training is given to each establishment for which an AAP has been prepared. Travel expenses may be involved.

For more information on our Affirmative Action Plan preparation or to find out if your organization needs an Affirmative Action Plan, call (800) 633-4775 or fill out our contact form and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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